Deadline extension for "The Acropolis: Focusing on the restoration" until 20.11.2020

 Deadline extention for submiting photos in the action:

The Acropolis: Focusing on the restoration


until the 20th of November 2020


How do visitors perceive the restoration works at the Acropolis monuments?

This is the question posed by the Acropolis Restoration Service via an open call to the audience inviting them to submit photographs that portray, directly or indirectly, the interventions in the monuments.

The call which is organised in the occasion of the completion of 45 years since the beginning of the works, aims to photographically depict the “daily life” of the Acropolis monuments and select images that will compose a mosaic presenting the monuments and the “imprinted” interventions in them.

The photographic material and the stories selected will be exhibited in a digital album that will accent the interaction between the visitors and the Acropolis monuments, reflecting the different “realities” that are formed and experienced in the archaeological site, while constituting a place where the Acropolis Committee (ESMA) and the public converge.

Please read carefully the following steps for submitting your photos:

  • Open your drawer, search your hard-drive disk and choose for 1 to 5 photographs, colour or black and white, to be sent electronically as .jpg files.
  • Rename your photos: Every digital file should be identified with the photographer’s surname in Latin characters as shown: yourlastname_01.jpg, yourlastname_02.jpg, etc.
  • Fill in the form that you can find here (One for every submitted photograph)
  • We would love to listen to your stories! Every submitted photograph should be accompanied by a short text (up to 70 words) explaining what sparkled the interest of the photographer. Even a small caption is enough!
  • Send us the photos and the form to the address:

The terms and conditions of participation have been uploaded into YSMA’s website.

The final selection of the photographs that will be presented in the exhibition will be carried out by an evaluation committee appointed by ESMA.

For further information:

Acropolis Restoration Service: 210 3251620, 210 3243427 (Monday-Friday 12:00-15:00, Ms S. Poulou – Ms E. Petropoulou).