«A Greek Τemple»: A new online educational game

Τhe Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA) has just produced a new online educational game entitled «Α Greek Temple». The game is about the architecture of the ancient Greek temples. It is designed mainly for pupils from 9 years and over, as well as educators and the general public. It aims to familiarize the user with the function of the ancient Greek temples, their planning, form, type, construction and sculptural decoration. A persona related to each unit of the game presents it. In addition, an application entitled “Learn more” enhances the game providing more detailed information mainly for the teachers.

The game has been developed by the YSMA Department of Information and Education with the support of DIADRASIS-LADAS I (IT and Consulting Services Company) within the "NSRF 2014-2020".

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