The photographic exhibition “Chisel and Memory” is travelling to China

YSMA’s photographic exhibition “Chisel and Memory: the contribution of marble craftsmanship to the restoration of the monuments” is presented at the Museum of the city of Chengdu in China. The exhibition and its transfer to Chengdu emerged from a suggestion of Mr Eliopoulos, the Greek ambassador in China. YSMA, the Greek Embassy in Beijing, the Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, and the Museum of the city of Chengdu worked together to make this exhibition feasible. The exhibition that was set up with extreme care and diligence will remain in China until 3rd of January 2021. It has to be noted that for the needs of the presentation two columns from the three dimensional model of the Erechtheion were printed. In the exhibition the film “Short restoration stories” will be shown with Chinese subtitles.

The Greek ambassador attended the opening of the exhibition on 27th September 2020.  The event received enthusiastic comments by all official guests and the Press, as it was Greece’s unique contribution to the bilateral dialogue on matters concerning the management of cultural heritage.


Read the speech of the Greek ambassador Mr G. Eliopoulos here and the greetings sent by Ms Eleftheriou here


The video and photos from the opening night: