The Parthenon Sculptures

The goal of this educational programme which takes place in the Parthenon Gallery is to encourage students to explore the Parthenon and its sculptures. With the aid of models and casts of the Acropolis, pupils are able to better understand the topography and history of the Sacred Rock and recreate, with their imagination, this important sanctuary where Athenians praised their goddess protector. In addition, understanding of the sculptures is encouraged by a game that recomposes the west frieze, where they can examine the sculpture’s details with the help of specially designed casts. Finally, pupils can participate in a special workshop focused on the Parthenon Sculpture.

The Acropolis Monuments

The educational programme “The Acropolis Monuments” is designed to familiarize students with the particularly complex subject of ancient Greek architecture. Students will learn about the orders and types of ancient temples and discuss the sculptural and painted decoration which completed the temples’ appearance. The programme is accompanied by a painting and collage workshop, as well as a game where the players create a temple using stamps and magnets.

Olympian Riddles: Searching for the Ancient Gods in the Acropolis Museum

The aim of this educational programme is to acquaint students with the symbols and special qualities of each god. Through an exploratory game and with Iris – the messenger of the gods – as a guide, students have the opportunity to journey through the Museum galleries and seek depictions of the gods in various exhibits from the collection. At the end of the programme students recognize the twelve Olympian Gods on the Parthenon east frieze and pediment. This programme is combined with a special digital workshop titled “A game with the Olympian Gods at the Acropolis Museum” held at the Museum’s Educational Centre.