Acropolis: Focusing on the restoration

In autumn 2020 visitors of the Acropolis from all over the world, responding to YSMA’s invitation for photographs that portray, directly or indirectly, the interventions in the monuments,  searched through their  files and sent photographs accompanied by short personal messages. To the same invitation responded many of YSMA’s personnel and expert visitors of the works, who had the chance to take pictures of the monuments behind the cordoning. The result of the photographic action is an impressive, colourful and timeless “mosaic”, were all the participants are represented. In the digital exhibition that can be seen further down the personal narrations intermingle with the history of the restoration and the personal experience blends into collective memory.

YSMA would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the photographic action and invites everyone to enjoy the photographs of the exhibition!

Position the cursor over the photograph in order to read the hidden story in the language of the writer. Click on the photograph to enlarge it. 

*Republishing or reproducing for commercial use, either in part or in whole, of the online exhibition without the photographer’s consent or disregarding the website terms of use will be punished.