Removal of the base of the construction crane

In the near future YSMA will call for the selection of a contractor, in order to remove the base of the construction crane, which in 2010 was moved to the west side of the Parthenon from the north side, where it had been used for 9 years in its restoration project. The crane remained in this position until the completion of the restoration works in the two corners of the monument and in 2018 was moved inside the Parthenon. The base, made of reinforced concrete, is 27.5 m. long, 5.0 m. wide and of maximum height 1.8 m. It is estimated that the removal of 85 cubic meters  of concrete will be required and the project will last for two months. Infrastructure work has already been completed and the area has been demarcated with protective screens, so as to ensure that the work can be carried out safely both for staff and visitors. Given the visual and auditory nuisance of the public for the coming period, and assuring that every effort will be made to minimise it, we ask for the visitors’ understanding in order to complete the task of the aesthetic and functional restoration of the ground, in the most emblematic view of the Parthenon.