Workshop between members of YSMA and the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum

On Friday, 1st November 2019, members of the ESMA, YSMA, the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum and the Herculaneum Conservation Project took part in a workshop entitled “The use of modern technology for the protection of monuments”, which was organized by the Italian Archaeological School in Athens (IASA). During the workshop, which took place at the IASA premises in Athens, the Director of the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum Dr F. Sirano and the Director of the YSMA, Ms V. ELeftheriou, presented the conservation problems of the archaeological sites of Herculaneum and Acropolis, as well as the ways in which modern technology has contributed to the protection of the above mentioned sites. More specifically, Ms Eleftheriou presented the digital actions of YSMA for the documentation, the management of the archive, the education and information of the public, as well as the instrumental observation of the monuments and the use of modern technology for research in conservation materials. Likewise, Dr Sirano, after discussing the problems which have for years threatened the unique archaeological material at Herculaneum, he presented  a digital management tool which has been used on site. This program allows a well-aimed handling of the problems and through that a timely approach for conservation.

The presentations were followed by an interesting dialogue to which contributed the architect P. Pesaresi (Herculaneum Conservation Project), the architect Α. Dibenedetto (IASA), the Heads of the Departments of YSMA R. Christodoulopoulou, D. Michalopoulou, E. Aggelakopoulou, E. Lembidaki, E. Sioumpara, E. Kaimara, as well as engineers K. Karanasos, and M. Mavromati and the archaeologist, E. Petropoulou.

Following the workshop, the Italian colleagues were guided to the Acropolis works, where they had a chance to deepen their knowledge about issues concerning the monuments and the use of modern technology. A similar briefing about the education and documentation issues dealt by the YSMA had taken place the previous day (Thursday 30.10.2019) at the YSMA offices and the Acropolis Museum, respectively.