The two-day educational programme “Acropolis & Restoration” was organized at the Acropolis by the Acropolis Restoration Service on Friday 29.3.2019 and Monday 1.4.2019. The programme aims to introduce students to the major scientific and technical work carried out on the Acropolis monuments and this year was addressed to 350 1st Year Lyceum students from 14 schools of the Attica region. In preparation for the programme all participating school teachers attended a seminar at the Acropolis Museum where they were briefed on the restoration interventions on the monuments and were provided with special educational resources in order to prepare their pupils for the visit.

During the programme, the students participated in seven workshops held at the archaeological site, inside the monuments and in the worksites with the assistance of the Service’s specialized personnel. Participants had the opportunity to become acquainted with the completed and ongoing restoration projects, to learn about the reasons, principles and methodology of the interventions, to see how new marble supplements are made with the use of casts and of various sculptor’s copying tools. Finally they attempted to chisel a piece of marble by themselves using marble cutting tools and to clean the marble surface of an architectural member.