The Department’s educational resources, both printed and digital, refer to many   different subjects and are distributed in both Greek and English. They comprise books, museum kits, teacher’s packs, booklets, films, online applications, posters and games.

The material is addressed to teachers, pupils and families. It aims to better prepare them for study at school and for their visit to the archaeological site and museum. The resource material aims to help educators prepare themselves better both for the lesson at school and for the class visit to the archaeological site and the Museum.

The educational resources designed for families aim to facilitate children and parents during their visit in the Museum. Children with the aid of special leaflets and games find out the museum exhibits, enhance their skills of observation, memory and imagination and entertain.

Particular care is taken to achieve the best quality of each publication, educational value and aesthetic appearance.

All the Department’s publications are presented in detail at the Acropolis Restoration Service’s website, in the content of the Educational Resources Repository and at the Acropolis Museum website.

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