The autumn of 2020 Acropolis visitors from all over the world, responding to the invitation of YSMA, for photographs that depicted aspects of the restoration works on the monuments from 1975 until today, searched  their photographic archives and sent photos accompanied by personal messages and stories. At the same invitation responded several employees or special visitors to the works, who in the past had the privilege of capturing the monuments and the works behind the ropes.

The result of the photographic action is an impressive, colorful and timeless “mosaic”.

In the digital exhibition presented below, the personal narrations intermingle with the history of the restoration and the personal experience blends into collective memory.

YSMA sincerely thanks everyone who participated in the photographic action and invites everyone to enjoy the photographs of the exhibition.

Click on the photo to read the hidden story, in the author’s language.

* Only the non-commercial use and reproduction of the content of the online exhibition, in whole or in part, is permitted, provided that it is accompanied by a clear and distinct reference to its source and to the copyright holder whose name appears on each photograph.