The work of the Technical Office responsible for the scattered architectural members continues within the framework of a new NSRF (2014-2020) focusing on cataloguing, recording and presenting architectural members. In particular, the following projects are included in the technical report of the work:

  • the selection and cataloguing of poros and marble architectural members for permanent storage and their display in the old Acropolis Museum
  • the documentation and management of about 400 scattered architectural members from the area of the Chalkotheke, and their transfer and arrangement to other areas in order to improve enhance the area of the Chalkotheke.
  • the identification and recording of about 50 vulnerable architectural members from the Old Temple, their transfer and display in an area near the foundations of the monument, and
  • the bindings of 25 large poros architectural members and finally their storage in specific places in the old Acropolis Museum.

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