The educational programmes are designed mainly for pupils of primary and secondary education level according to the age and knowledge of the pupils to whom they are addressed. The programmes are conducted on the Acropolis and in the Acropolis Museum.

Over the years, many programmes have been developed about the history and topography of the Acropolis, the architectural and sculptural decoration of the ancient monuments, as well as the worship of the goddess Athena and the restoration works on the Acropolis.

Educational programmes are carried out on a daily basis, while programmes are also conducted in conjunction with special events, anniversaries or temporary exhibitions.

How to participate in the educational programmes

To participate in an educational programme, teachers can book a place twice a school year. The first booking period starts in September and lasts from October to December. The second period starts in December and lasts from January to May.

The number of students who can attend each educational programme cannot exceed 50, divided into two groups of 25. The accompanying teacher is responsible for the students during the visit. If the group exceeds 25 students or in other special occasion, the presence of a second teacher is required. School visits are free of charge.

School group reservations can be organized via telephone on +30 210 9000903 or upon email request ([email protected]).

For more information visit the website of the Acropolis Museum

For previous educational programmes press here.

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