The Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA) is a special peripheral service of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. It was established by the Presidential Edict 97/1999 (Goverment Gazette Issue 104/Α/26.5.99) in order to organize and carry out the works of conservation and restoration on the Acropolis. Academic responsibility for carrying out the works has, since 1975, been held by the Committee for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments (ESMA), an interdisciplinary committee of specialist scholars.

The Director of the YSMA is responsible for the coordination and unhindered function of the works, for its adherence to the time-frame and for introducing to the ESMA matters for which the Committee is responsible. The YSMA is divided into the following sections:

  • Technical office and work-site for the conservation and restoration of the Parthenon
  • Technical office and work-site for the conservation and restoration of the Propylaia
  • Technical office and work-site for the conservation and restoration of the temple of Athena Nike
  • Technical office and work-site for conservation, consolidation and restoration of the circuit walls of the Acropolis
  • Office and workshop for inventory, documentation and cataloguing of the scattered architectural members
  • Office and laboratory of surface conservation
  • Technical office and laboratory of electrical engineering support
  • Cast laboratory
  • Documentation office
  • Photographic laboratory
  • Secretariat Office
  • Public Relations and Education Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Office of support and management of material

The responsibilities of each of the above work sections are described analytically in the By-laws for the Function of the Acropolis Restoration Service (ΦΕΚ Β’ 1593/2002).

Τoday YSMA has employees of all specialties: architects, civil engineers, archaeologists, chemical engineers, mechanical and eletrical engineers, conservators and conservation technicians, marble technicians, work technicians and administrative employees. Interdisciplinary collaboration in solving the problems and the fact that the personnel are specialists assure the high quality of the Acropolis works that has received international recognition.


Director of YSMA: Vasiliki Elftheriou, Architect Engineer

Head: R. Christodoulopoulou, Architect Engineer

Architects: K. Karanasos, L. Lambrinou, V. Manidaki, Α. Papandropoulos, K. Skaris

Civil Engineers: A. Vrouva, M. Kotsainas, E. Pasiou

Draftspeople: Μ. Kafourou, A. Anagnostou

Heads of Teams: G. Angelopoulos, S. Kardamis

Marble Technicians: A. Aggelakis, S. Angelopoulos, M. Bon, Th. Bougelis,  CH. Chondrogiannis, Α. Chousakos, H. Damigos, G. Desypris, E. Donga, A. Foskolos, Μ. Gasparis, P. Georgopoulos, G. Haldaios, G. Kagiorgis, Th. Karambelas, A. Kladios, D. Kostas, E. Panopoulos, D. Paparidis, A. Pastrikou, A. Peppa, Ι. Perrakis, A. Polizou, A. Psilopoulos, S. Pitsolis, G. Skalkotos, Μ. Tzanoulinos, Μ. Tzioumas, V. Velonas, R. Vidalis, Κ. Xypolitidis, M. Zervos

Work technicians: I. Andritsopoulos, A. Avgerinos, A. Botsios, I. Giovanos, I. Karavassilis, P. Karadimos, E. Mentis, A. Saflagiouras, N. G. Samaras, B. Tziolos, N. Vailakakis.

Workers: A. Botsios, S. Chatzilias, K. Georgiou, S. Katsoudas, E. Manousaki, E. Marketou

Technician: Ch. Bazakos

Crane Operators: G. Koloniaris, Κ. Rachoutis

Head: D. Michalopoulou, Civil Engineer

Architects: Κ. Mamaloungas, A. Hatzipapa, K. Theodoropoulou

Civil Engineers: S. Kakkinou

Draftsman: Ι. Trichakis

Head of Team: G. Vasdekis

Marble Technicians:  A. Damis, D. Gregoropoulos, I. Shizas, D. Vagianos, F. Vlachogiannis

Work Technicians: I. Chamilakis, V. Katsanou, A. Mastoris, K. Naitaki, H. Oikonomou, B. K. Papandreou, P. Rizopoulos, D. Trypakis, K. Tsintonis, S. Vavatsikos, V. Varouxis, I. Vassos

Workers: Th. Mouxtis, G. Troullinos, I. Vassos

Head: E. Aggelakopoulou, Chemical Engineer

Supervisor of the Parthenon team: Α. Panou, Conservator

Supervisor of the Wall team: Α. Tsimereki, Conservator

Supervisor of the Erechtheion team: G. Frantzi, Conservator

Supervisor of the Propylaia team: Aik. Frantzikinaki, Conservator

Conservators: A. Bizimi, L. Gaibova, S. Gavriilidou, X. Georgakis, K. Griva, M. Festa, Ε. Frangkiadaki, E. Kanellopoulou, V. Katsika, I.-P. Kotsifakos, E. Koutsouraki, L. Lambrou, Ch. Lascaridis, Α. Maridaki, V. Masmanidou, E. Panagiotopoulou, M. Pangalou, E. Papadimitropoulou, D. Petridi, Z. Sakki, S. Tassiopoulou, P. Vlachouli

Chemical Engineer: A. Apostolopoulou

Conservation Technicians: Ν. Georgiou, Μ. Petraki, L. Stefaniotis, Ε. Tzebelikos

Marble Technicians: Κ. Demopoulos, Α. Kladios, Κ. Melas, I. Moraitis, P. Pravitas, Ι. Skalkotos

Work Technicians: X. Fountopoulou

Head: E. Sioumpara, Archaeologist

Archaeologist: M. Milonas

Draftswoman: P. Petropoulou

Head of Team: M. Toufeklis

Marble Technicians: G. Chaldaios, N. Sampson

Work Technicians: V. Kalantzis, Th. Chatzikonstantinou

Worker: G. Dimitsanos

Work Technician: S. Nikolopoulos

Mould and Cast Technicians: Α. Baïbas, Th. Kageorgis, I. Palamaris

Head: Ε. Lebidaki, Archaeologist

Archaeologists: Ε. Karakitsou, Ε. Petropoulou,  S. Alexaki, Α. Andrikou, E. Pervolaraki, S. Poulou

Administrative Personnel: P. Konstantopoulos

Computer Scientist: K. Bazakou

Head: Ε. Kaïmara, Αrchaeologist

Archaeologist: A. Leonti, A. Koutsoudaki, I. Chatzopoulou

Head: D. Mavromati, Surveying Engineer

Surveying Engineer: V. Kyparissi

Head: Τ. Souvlakis, Photographer

Head: P. Katsimichas, Financial Officer

Administrative Personnel: A. Kapalou, M. Mouzoura, Ε. Soulakou, K. Kontou

Computer Operator:  Α. Moschouris

Head: Ch. Papanikolaou, Administrative Personnel

Administrative Personnel: Ε. Drakopoulou, E. Katri

Marble Technicians: Ch. Amorianos, K. Dallas

Work Technicians: I. Dafoulis, E. Gousis, A. Theodoridis, D. Kouvas, P. Lallos, I.Tzanakis, N. Tsoupros

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