Over the years it has been a constantly increasing interest of school groups in participating in the educational programmes. As a result the Department has focused its attention on developing ways to increase its audience and enhance the quality of the visitors experience both in the archaeological site of the Acropolis and in the Acropolis Museum. Therefore, particular emphasis is given to the collaboration with teachers who can contribute to the maximization of the participants in all the Departments’ activities. This collaboration is achieved through teachers’ seminars and special symposia.


The collaboration of the Department of Information and Education with educators is enhanced by the special seminars held at regular intervals at the Acropolis Museum, but also throughout Greece and abroad.

The seminars aim to assist teachers enrich their class lessons about the Acropolis and its monuments. This is achieved through the presentation of the Department’s Educational material as well as of the different ways this material could be used in the classroom and integrated into the school curriculum. In addition, projects that have been implemented by other school groups are also presented. Moreover, the seminars aim to encourage independent school visits as they help teachers design and realise by themselves an educational programme on the Acropolis and in the Acropolis Museum.

Symposia for Educators

The Department of Information and Education holds symposia on “Educators and Programmes about the Acropolis”, which provide a forum for dialogue between educators with a common interest in teaching through the cultural environment. Eight conferences have been held to date, of which the proceedings or summaries of the papers presented have been published. The value of the symposia consists of the multilateral and interdisciplinary character of the presentations which illustrate and effectively describe the teaching process followed in each case.

Most of the presentations or their summaries are posted at the Acropolis Educational Resources Repository.

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