The rescue of the monuments directed by K. Vrettakos. Produced by Acropolis Restoration Service with snapshots from 1983-1986 (in greek only)
Erechtheion and Time directed by A. Drakopoulou. Produced by Acropolis Restoration Service in 2001 (in greek only)
Highlights from the restoration works of the Acropolis monuments 2017-2021
The new walkways for the Acropolis visitors
Interventions at the Acropolis.The Documentation archive
The ascent to the Acropolis
The reversibility of the intervention for the structure of the visitor walkways in the Acropolis (in greek only)
Short stories of restoration
Restoration works on the Parthenon
Τhe restoration of the Propylaia south wing
Conservation interventions on the Acropolis
Scattered architectural fragments recording
Educational program “A day on the Acropolis”
The Erechteion, the history and the restoration (in greek only)
Works On The Acropolis
Parthenon 1991: Conservation of the East Facade