…alone or with the help of an adult!

Would you like to take a better look at the Acropolis monuments and see certain details that only few experts know they exist?

Would you like to learn about the daily activities of the specialists and the craftsmen who work now on the Acropolis?

Would you like to play, get inspired by the ancient Greek monuments and have fun by making your own creations?

Click on the buttons below, play the games, make creative crafts and email us a photo of them.

That’s how you can send us your work!

> Write your first name and age on your drawing, or on a small card placed next to your artwork

> Take a photo of your artwork or scan your drawing. To take a photo, place your artwork on a clean and plain background, light it nicely and take a picture. Be careful! No shadows of your hands or of your cell phone/tablet should be in the picture!

> Send us your artwork’s photo at [email protected] from an adult’s email address (your personal info won’t be used for any other purpose).

Our photo gallery!