The Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA) participated in 2019 European Heritage Days (27-29.9.2019). This year’s celebration had the special theme “Arts and Entertainment – Looking for free time”.

As part of this celebration, the YSMA Information and Education Office organized a special educational programme entitled “Playing on the Acropolis” at the Acropolis archaeological site. Forty students from the 70o Primary School of Athens attended the programme, which took place on Friday, 27.9.2019.

Students took a guided walk on the Acropolis and learned about the ancient games found incised and cut into the surface of the monuments. They were provided with the opportunity to understand the historical framework in which the games were created and to discover a key aspect of everyday life in antiquity. Students also played, entertained themselves and were able to link the ancient with the contemporary games, using specially made copies of several ancient games.