The book constitutes a guide for a teacher to carry out educational programmes about the Acropolis and the classical antiquity. It is divided in two parts. Described in the first part are the activities of the Department (educational programmes, resources, seminars) as they were developed over the past 25 years. Presented in the second part of the book are a number of chosen projects that were carried out by educators and pupils, with which we have collaborated since 1991. The projects were arranged by subject: in a first level on the basis of the place where they took place (applications at School, at Special Schools, at Libraries, at other Monuments or Museums); in a second level on the basis of the teaching unit in which they were carried out (through the lessons in History, Applied Art, Language, Natural Sciences etc). The publication of the book was made possible with the very generous funding of the Panayotis and Effie Michelis Foundation.

  1.  Acropolis and Education in the repository (in Greek) (.)