The subject of the booklet is the Panathenaia, the most brillant festival of ancient Athens, and the special prizes given to the victors, the beautifully made Panathenaic amphorae, filled with oil and bearing the characteristic inscription «ΤΩΝ ΑΘΗΝΗΘΕΝ ΑΘΛΩΝ».

Through ancient vases and sculpture the athletic and artistic contests are described, in the same way as the great procession to the Acropolis shown on the Parthenon Frieze. The booklet is accompanied by a card game with a Panathenaic amphora and a poster with a Panathenaic amphora at a scale of 1 : 1.

The booklet can be combined with the use of the Museum Kit “The Parthenon Frieze”, as well as the game of the online application “The Parthenon Frieze“.