1. Participation is free and open to anyone interested.

2. The competition is open to both visitors and people working at the archaeological site. The judging committee will evaluate entries separately and two distinctively different groups will be created.

3. Every participant can submit 1 to 5 photographs which have to be accompanied by the completed entry form (one for every photograph)

4. The photographs must depict, directly or indirectly, literally or metaphorically, aspects and views from the restoration interventions in the Acropolis monuments.

5. All photographs submitted and published must be original work of the entrants, otherwise and in accordance to copyright law, the entrants are to be held legally responsible. It must be explicitly stated that YSMA and ESMA, or the exhibition organisers or the public authorities cannot be held accountable.

6. If the photographs contain people faces, then the participants must ensure that the depicted people/person have given their consent and so the photographs can be exhibited, as stated by copyright law. Otherwise, it must be explicitly stated that YSMA and ESMA, or the exhibition organisers or the public authorities cannot be held accountable. The entrants will be fully responsible.

7. The photographs and the texts must not be offensive to the monuments or to any person who appears/refers on them. Personal data, for which the law provides extended protection, such as ethnic or national background, political opinions, and religious beliefs should not at any point be infringed.

8. YSMA has the right to use the photographs of all participants for no commercial advantage. The intellectual and commercial property rights remain in the hands of the entrants. Every use of the photographs will include the photographer’s name.

9. YSMA and ESMA are not liable for any problem caused by technical or network malfunctions or failures, highly variable flows and loading time, cases of theft, destruction, unauthorised access or damage of the photographs.

10. In case a photograph has been selected for display either for an exhibition in a physical space or for being printed in a catalogue, then the participants will be notified for the printing of the photographs. The organisers of the competition will cover the cost of the printing.

11. Photographs accepted could be edited but should not alter or misrepresent reality. Photo collages and adding signed watermarks of the photographers name are not allowed.

12. YSMA and ESMA will collect all personal data, filled by the entrants in the accompanying form, and administer it only for competition needs and communication with the participants. A year after the event ends all personal data will be permanently erased from the files of the Service. The participants have the right to ask for the suppression of their personal data earlier on simple request to the following address: [email protected] .

13. The participants must comply with the above competition terms; sending their works digitally means signing their acceptance.