Make a column capital which smells amazing!


White soap (large size Marseille type)



Plastic knife



Brush or an old toothbrush

1. Find the instructions in the pdf file and print page 3. Choose the drawing of the capital you prefer more and cut out its outline.

2. Place the capital drawing on the bar of soap and lightly carve its outline with a pencil.

3. Now use the plastic knife. First, remove the corners of the soap and then, the remaining pieces around your outline.

4. To carve the details, put again your printed design on the soap and use the pin or your pencil. Make small and continuous dots following the lines of the design and mark all the details on your sculpture.

5. Now use the paperclip to carve all these details of the column capital as well as the column flutes!

6. Brush away and clean the surface of the soap with your paintbrush.

7. Now you can admire your sculpture!