erectheio south 2 parthenon detail 1 Athena Nike View North Parthenon Interior After PR_scaffold Erechtheio View SW1 F_Winch_Detail Propylaia_2010 Monuments_Acropolis_West Parthenon East Mavromattis Parthenon Night Fr5 Front5
New edition of the virtual Tour on the Acropolis monuments (5/6/2014)
Educational Programmes 2014 summer
Summer educational programs “Summer fun at the Acropolis Museum for 7-12 years old children”.
Seminar for the restoration works on the Acropolis of Athens, Bari 3-5/6/2014
Presentation of the restoration works on YouTube
Boston University
Presentation of the Acropolis Restoration Project in U.S. universities
6th meeting Ph1
6th International Meeting for the Restoration of the Acropolis Monuments, 4-5/10/2013
2011 YSMA
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